Take a look at what others say about Gerald…

Gerald’s life story is inspirational and motivating on so many levels.  I’ve booked him multiple times and he always exceeds expectations. His story of resilience and overcoming adversity moves listeners to a better place in their own lives. And the listeners are not easily impressed, often quite cynical. But he is utterly disarming as these CEOS, Ambassadors, Senators,  journalists and thought leaders are enthralled by his authenticity,  intelligence and perspective.  The conversations which flow from a Gerald presentation go deep to the core of our humanity.

Ambassador J. Douglas Holladay
CEO, PathNorth

Gerald’s is a life of incredible challenges met with courage, character, and honor. Hearing his fascinating story is deeply moving, uplifting, and worth every minute of our time.

Senator Bill Brock
18th United States Secretary of Labor

Gerald distinguishes himself as a leader among leaders.  On many occasions, I have witnessed him captivate the hearts and minds of crowds through stories packed with meaningful take-aways.  A devoted patriot with fascinating, unique and powerful life experiences, Gerald is precisely the trailblazer we need  to speak to organizations today!

John H Dalton
70th Secretary of the Navy

Gerald Gangaram is a natural-born leader and a gifted speaker. As a frequent guest speaker in my classes at Georgetown University, Gerald never fails to make a lasting impact on my students with his messages around entrepreneurship, leadership, and the imperative of leading a meaningful life. I continue to book and suggest Gerald as a presenter, with the highest regards.

Jeff Reid
Founding Director, Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative and Professor, Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business

I really appreciate your leadership classes. You are an inspiration to my journey of transformation as a creative artist. I am sincerely thankful for you and all that you are sharing.

Scott Patrick Erwin
Actor, Model, Musician, & Writer

I would love to hear more of his stories! Gerald talked really in depth with everything, but the emotion behind the stories made them REALLY interesting. He is an “open book” and I recommend him because he’s very straight forward and easygoing.

Spencer Quiram
Actor, Gustavus College

Gerald Gangaram was very impressive and able to communicate with everyone in the audience, even those who might not be big fans of the military.

Katha Cato
Executive Director, Queens World Film Festival

The students very much related to Major Gangaram’s story regarding the neighborhood in which he grew up in and the obstacles he had to overcome. His words gave our residents renewed hope and a new perspective on their life plans after incarceration! Thank you Gerald!

Charisse Brown
Woodfield Secure Detention Center

Gerald is a dynamic speaker with a powerful story that he shares in an authentic and compelling way. His openness about his mental health journey inspired hundreds of passionate, dedicated professionals at our national conference. He is wonderful to work with and has a natural ability to connect with any audience.

Pei Cheng
Director; Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

Thank you for sharing with us, Gerald… continuing to be a leader outside of your military leadership.  I’m loving this so much and always walk away from your coaching calls so elevated, confident, refreshed/renewed.  Thank you, for the honesty, vulnerability, and helping us to see things that we don’t immediately recognize in ourselves.

Coaching Attendee

Gerald’s empathy and understanding of brotherhood & family shone through in every statement he made.  Honest answers instead of canned responses you may hear often.  His go-getter attitude is contagious!

Nina Dicker
Writer, Filmmaker

He talked with such confidence and passion about his career in the Army. It almost made me want to join…

Tammy Hughes
U.S. Postal Worker

I was teary and sniffling the whole time.  You’re the most genuine and caring person… You’ve overcome so much in your life

Debbie Johnson

Your story struck a chord with me and the other editors here. When I was deciding how I wanted to write the article, a friend told me that the quotes speak for themselves, and I realized she was entirely right. It’s not often as a writer that I don’t have to inject context into a piece, but your story stood perfectly on its own and I think made the most sense that way.

Levi Leidy
Writer & Editor

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