A Transformative Speaker

Sharing his life’s lessons is Gerald’s second service after his military career. Delivering impactful takeaways through his personal stories inspires his listeners to act. Gerald’s precisely targeted message creates dynamic conversations lasting well past any Q&A.

Keynote Speaker

Gerald is a U.S. Army Major, who many consider a war hero from his combat service during “Operation Enduring Freedom”. Commander & Apache Combat Pilot are titles along this servant leader’s path of always forging forward.

Combat stories, Childhood stories, Soldier stories, Cockpit stories, Diversity and Inclusion stories & many more lessons to captivate and ignite audiences.

Gerald Gangaram, speaker at Georgetown

Corporate Leadership

Gerald has directly led hundreds of people in settings ranging from combat to the cockpit and boardrooms. His lessons learned will transform your company’s leadership from managers to servant leaders.

  • Draw Fire So Others Can Maneuver
  • Gerald’s Command Philosophy
  • Know Your People… Really
  • Don’t Serve Fires

Youth Mentorship

We do not walk through life alone; hear how lifechanging mentorship can be from the eyes of a high schooler who saw jail as his inescapable destiny and went on to command the largest attack company in the world.

  • Recognizing personal gifts and potential
  • Perfect for classrooms and aspiring mentors

Resilience in Crisis

Are leaders born or made? They are forged! Gerald will share first hand experiences of how going through fire does not have to melt you – it can be an opportunity to sharpen your blade.

  • Dealing with failure
  • Overcoming tragedy
  • Leading organizations and families through crisis

Recent Testimonials

Gerald’s life story is inspirational and motivating on so many levels.  I’ve booked him multiple times and he always exceeds expectations. His story of resilience and overcoming adversity moves listeners to a better place in their own lives. And the listeners are not easily impressed, often quite cynical. But he is utterly disarming as these CEOS, Ambassadors, Senators,  journalists and thought leaders are enthralled by his authenticity,  intelligence and perspective.  The conversations which flow from a Gerald presentation go deep to the core of our humanity.

Ambassador J. Douglas Holladay
CEO, PathNorth

Gerald’s is a life of incredible challenges met with courage, character, and honor. Hearing his fascinating story is deeply moving, uplifting, and worth every minute of our time.

Senator Bill Brock
18th United States Secretary of Labor

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