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Recent Events…

Aug 162021
Your Call to Action is Not a New Year’s Resolution – Coaching SessionHow do you expect it will be listening to your harshest critic? 
Virtual Event
Aug 072021
Georgetown University: Life of WorkAmbassador Doug Holladay asks me to share my story at the McDonough School of Business.
Washington DC
Aug 042021
Advice From the Future – Coaching SessionDon’t serve fires. Participants will start by reflecting on their experiences and leave with their own call to action.
Virtual Event
July 142021
Forge Forward – Coaching SessionDealing with adversity, rejection, and doubt.  How to rise above and forge forward.
Virtual Event
June 302021
Take Initiative – Go Forth and Teach – Coaching SessionAre you waiting for opportunities or creating them?  Do you know what you have to offer?
Virtual Event
June 172021
Leading from the Skies of AfghanistanA FLHS Alumnus reflects on his service as an Apache Pilot and Army Major. Major Gangaram will discuss lessons of leadership and mentorship, and what it is like to pursue a career in the military
Queens, NY
June 162021
The Interview Starts Earlier – Coaching SessionEyes are always on you, you don’t realize the ripples you are creating. Sometimes it is how you greet the person on the elevator, sometimes it started well before…
Virtual Event
June 142021
Forge Forward & Share Leadership LessonsA round table where we can build and learn together. Theme: team building & addiction.
June 32021
Forge Forward & Share Leadership LessonsA round table where we can build and learn together. Theme: defining success.
June 22021
Success is a Washer and Dryer – Coaching SessionWhen people get asked for a definition of success, their go-to answer is usually monetary; “more money than I have now”.  How our definition of success can keep us grounded or allow us to soar? Is it really money and objects, or is it the meaning behind them?
Virtual Event
May 282021
Francis Lewis H.S. JROTCI enjoy success as a leader, but it all started with mentors I found in high school. If not for three instructors, I would be wearing different colors than that of the U.S. Army.
Queens, NY
May 192021
Stage Presence – Coaching SessionAre you brave enough? What does it mean to be a hero? What risks are worth taking? Who are you
letting judge your life?
Virtual Event
May 142021
Joined the Military to Escape Poverty – Article Levi Leidy writes: Military service does require a great deal of sacrifice, but it can be just as rewarding. Story of joining not just to serve their country, but as a way to achieve financial security they’d never had before.
May 122021
Forge Forward & Share Leadership LessonsA round table where we can build and learn together.
May 52021
Leadership 101 – Coaching SessionWhether leading or being led, what does good leadership look like? It starts with people, it ends with people.
Virtual Event
April 212021
Flight Checklist – Coaching SessionRehearsals, warm‐ups, and checklists; Why these important rituals need to be used and maintained.
Virtual Event
April 152021
Inside Personal GrowthA podcast with Greg Voisen where I discuss my mission, leadership focus, and what it is like being a black officer in the military. Shared stories and advice about becoming a better servant leader.
April 142021
Reminiscing with LegosGerald leads a small group in reminiscing and talking about nostalgia while building a camper with Legos.
Washington DC
April 142021
Georgetown University: Jeff Reid has me speak to an MBA class for entrepreneurs.
Washington DC
April 72021
The Show Must Go On! – Coaching SessionGerald coaches entertainers on contingencies, powering through adversity, and knowing when to sit.
Virtual Event
March 292021
Literacy For Incarcerated TeensGerald uses the movie Iron Man to open a dialogue with incarcerated teenagers about not giving up.
Vahala, NY
March 252021
The Fire WatchNick Howland asks about my transition out of the Army and I talk about Senator Bill Brock.
March 232021
VIP IgniteMichael Fomkin takes me on a mindset focused interview.
March 202021
Model & Actor IntensiveGerald kicks off a VIP Ignite Model and Actor Intensive event with a message about taking risks and believing in yourself.
Virtual Event
March 192021
Georgetown University: Life of WorkAmbassador Doug Holladay invites me to speak at the McDonough School of Business about success and resilience.
Washington DC
March 172021
From the Hart PodcastA great discussion with Ed about leading from the heart.
March 142021
Mindset PodcastAlly Cleveland interviews me about living each day as a servant leader.
March 102021
BluHorn TVMike White interviews me about marketing in this new era.
Jacksonville, FL
March 42021
Gustavus CollegeGerald holds a workshop for theater actors to gain insight on the military characters they will portray.
St Peter, MN
March 42021
Hudson GuildEmpowering young adults to achieve their highest potential.
Chelsea, NY
February 182021
9PM with GalinskyA talk-variety show with a ‘live’ studio audience, Galinsky explores and exposes the hidden truths that exist beyond the obvious spotlight of success.
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Future Events…

Nov 112021
War StoriesOffering an Army perspective, Gerald leads an Air Force General and Navy Seal in a story telling session about military service on Veteran’s Day.
Washington DC
Literacy For Incarcerated TeensGerald uses the movie The Pursuit of Happiness to open a dialogue with incarcerated teenagers about not giving up.
Vahala, NY

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